What Do I Need Security Cameras?

Having security cameras for your home or business can provide you with many benefits. First, having visible security cameras can be an invaluable deterrent to prevent events before they happen. Second, security cameras from Lorex will capture high-quality recordings of events that could ultimately be used as evidence.  Third, simply knowing that your security cameras are always there, along with the ability to remotely connect and see exactly what your cameras are seeing at any time and from any place, provides you total peace-of-mind.

What is NVR?


A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a system featuring a software application. This system is designed to collect and store the videos captured by all cameras connected to the network. NVR records these videos on mass storage devices. Unlike other storage devices, it features no specific video capture hardware, and the software is operated on a dedicated device. NVR is usually employed on the IP video surveillance systems, and they are capable of streaming video/audio data on a single cable.

Network Video Recorder